Formula Salford: One Step Closer to the Top

by Nouran AlSahhaf & Sarah Branig

Posted on 08/18/2016

Formula Salford: One Step Closer to the Top


The Formula Salford Race Team is competing in Class 2 Formula Student taking place in July 2017 at Silverstone. Formula Student is a competition organized by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and is one of the biggest student competitions in the UK and worldwide.

Formula Salford recently participated in Formula Student 2016 competition. The team has designed and manufactured the chassis of the car and showcased it at Silverstone at Formula Student 2016. Formula Salford did beyond everyone’s expectations placing 18th out of 34 teams in class 2 , despite being the smallest and least well-funded team at the competition. They also came 2nd out of the UK class 2 teams in their dragons den style business presentation! 



We asked Formula Salford: What Does It Take to Build a Car?

The Project Manager, Joshua A. Jones pointed out building a formula car requires more than just skilled engineers that are involved in designing, developing and manufacturing a car; the expertise of business students from different subjects is also essential for marketing, managing and securing the necessary funding from companies that are willing to sponsor and support the team financially. 

Formula Salford is a student race team that is fully run and managed by a group of dedicated engineering and business students. Becoming the winning team in the season 2016/17 necessitates not only skills and qualifications but more importantly, it takes passion, ambition and dedication.


#DrivingFemaleTalent #DareToBeDifferent

It’s no secret that engineering is a male dominated field and it’s been that way for ages. Formula Salford however, has successfully proven that women in tech can make a difference. Team members Alexandra, who is majoring in aerodynamics and Sarah, who focuses on mechanical engineering, are a great representation of successful women in a male dominated environment.


“I wouldn’t say you need any qualifications, as long as you’re passionate and you’re willing to put in work and learn and you just really want to create something good and amazing” Alexandra Guy – Aerodynamics Engineer – Formula Salford team member


Join a Winning Team!

If you have a passion for motorsports and want to take part in building a racecar, then Salford race team is where you belong. 

Team Formula Salford is in it to win in it, so other race teams better watch out!


Join Formula Salford and be part of the winning team.

Nathan Hall - Business director



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