Meet The Team

Salford University Race team

The SR-01 car is designed first with rule compliance and education in mind. Using commonly sourced components and techniques available the vehicle serves as a test bed and starting point for future teams to build upon. The major highlight this year is that the vehicle represents our first foray into race car design and the emphasis has been on building team capability first, with the ambition that with a great team, a great car will follow in future years.

Competing for the first time, Salford University Race Team has been focused on presenting real results and with this in mind the chassis has been fabricated to demonstrate the teams design for manufacture capability at the class 2 stage

Joshua Jones

Team Director

Alexandra Guy

Aerodynamics Engineer

Marius Monoranu

Aerodynamics Engineer

Mo Shah

Chassis Design Engineer

Nathan Hall

Business Director

Panos Palamidas

Powertrain Engineer

Salford University Race team

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